U.S. Women’s Olympic Volleyball team advances

I watched some of the U.S. women’s Olympic volleyball team’s match against China today before I turned it off because it was stressing me out. After watching the women’s gymnastics last night and biting my nails through the commentary of Michael Phelps’ races (that’s the only really tense part— listening to the commentators make it sound like he MIGHT lose), I really wasn’t up to sitting through what turned out to be a five set match (23-25, 25-22, 23-25, 25-20, 15-11). The team did end up winning, putting them in a good position to advance to the quarterfinals.

I was really interested to hear a bit of the story of the team’s coach, Jenny Lang Ping, though. If you’re big volleyball fans, you probably already know that she was a member of the 1984 gold medal winning Chinese women’s volleyball team. She’s quite the star in China, having coached the National team after she finished her career as a player.

You can read more about her on USA volleyball’s website.

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